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In 2010 Escape Chute Systems received a request to put forward a emergency evacuation system that could be applied to three floors of a multi storied building, the main problem being that each balcony are had an exceptionally wide balustrade, and each floor was set back from the other see to the right.

This was over come by submitting to the client a concept design, and budgetary price, after a few months of discussions and presentations, we submitted a final official quotation, which was accepted.

The results are shown in the photos to the right.

The system selected for this application was a simple floor mounted chute container, and an even simpler release mechanism.

It can not be stated enough, that any emergency evacuation system MUST have a simple operating system, as irrispective to how much training is given to the potential evacuees, when an emergency actually takes place, then their is PANIC!

And panic makes the evacuee forget about anything sensible, all they want is to open a box, turn a lever and use the escape chute, Just two simple steps to safety.

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